What You Need to Know About Commercial Floor Wax

If you have the task of waxing a commercial floor, you have a big project ahead of you. You’ll need to remove all the gum and black heel marks, in addition to the normal dirt and stains that any floor accumulates over time. Then you’ll need to apply the wax in at least three or four coats, laying each layer in the opposite direction from the one before. Some jobs will call for as many as eight coats.

Instead of using a commercial floor wax, an industrial strength floor restorer can save you a great deal of work and expense. Compared to floor wax, an industrial floor restorer will require fewer coats to produce the same shine, and will last longer than floor wax.

Pro Shot® Industrial Floor Restorer was designed for industry use. Compared to Pro Shot®, other products do not hold up as well, simply because they are not designed for industry use. Pro Shot® has been used in schools, universities, hospitals, airports, restaurants, shopping malls, orphanages, and many other high-traffic buildings for more than twenty years.

Pro Shot® Floor Restorer is also available in commercial sizes: one-gallon jugs, five-gallon buckets, and 55-gallon drums.

Because Pro Shot® is not a wax, it does not yellow or leave a waxy buildup as a commercial floor wax would do. It goes down smoothly in one easy application, dries to a high sheen in about 30 minutes, and is UL-listed for slip resistance.

Best of all, your floors will look great for months and months, so you won’t have to do that monumental job as frequently. Pro Shot® contains no petroleum, so it’s safer for everyone.